TED Prize, by the numbers

The number of tires in this photo: 556, 751. Well, not really. But this beautiful image was created by TED Prize winner Edward Burtynsky, who in 2005 wished that his artwork would spark a global conversation about sustainability. Photo: Edward Burtynsky

A few numbers to keep in mind: 3, 31, and 1 million. That’s because nominations for the 2015 TED Prize are being accepted through the end of the day on March 31, 2014. You have until then to nominate a mentor, a co-worker or a visionary leader whose work you admire from afar for this prestigious prize, which brings with it $1 million for a wish to inspire the world.

Below, learn more about the TED Prize.

19: The number of people who have been awarded the TED Prize so far. Just a few of the winners: politician Bill Clinton, astronomer Jill Tarter and author Dave Eggers.

1,353,958: The number of species catalogued in E.O. Wilson’s Encyclopedia of Life, launched with the 2007 TED Prize.

105: The number of countries in which Pangea Day events were held in 2008, as part of Jehane Noujaim’s TED Prize wish.

About 11 million: Pangea Day’s total number of YouTube views.

60: The percentage of people with incurable epilepsy who have demonstrated at least a 50% reduction in seizure rates from Robert Fischell’s responsive electrical stimulation, now known as RNS. He explained this advance in his talk “My wish: Three unusual medical inventions.”

14,685: The number of architectural projects shared through Cameron Sinclair’s Open Architecture Network.

153: The number projects completed via the Open Architecture Network so far.

1,644,110: The number of people that Sinclair estimates have benefited from these projects.

4: The number of centers dedicated to math and science that Neil Turok has opened as part of his wish to “Find the next Einstein in Africa.” The centers are located in South Africa, Senegal, Ghanna and Cameroon.

174,760: The number of posters pasted so far in 110 countries, from JR’s wish to turn the world Inside Out through art.

67 million: The amount of money raised by Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue voyage, and the subsequent Ocean 5 voyage, to protect the oceans.

Somewhere between 3 and 4: The percent of the ocean that is now fully protected.

105,005: The number of people who have signed Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion, including Pope Benedict XVI.

30: The number of languages the Charter has been translated into.

5,000: The number of children in classic music programs involving Sistema Fellows, the 50 passionate musicians trained by Jose Antonio Abreu and the New England Conservatory of Music.

3 million: The number of people who have participated in ONE’s efforts. That’s three times what Bono hoped when he wished was to build “social movement of more than 1 million American activists for Africa.”

888,000 and counting: The number of people who have signed the petition for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

6K: The number of people who’ve been taught how to cook on Oliver’s Big Rig mobile kitchen, during its 40 week tour of California in 2011.

And finally, 3/18: The date when you’ll find out who has won the 2014 TED Prize. Mark your calendar: You can watch a free webcast of the TED Prize as it’s presented live on the TED stage, 6–7:30pm Pacific time on Tuesday, March 18. Stay tuned to the TED Blog for details to tune in.

Source: Ted