25 Monstrously Huge Novels That Are Totally Worth Your Time Lead The Daily Links

Plus 16 mesmerizing Kate Moss GIFs for her 40th birthday, 9 big Grammy winners you’ve probably never heard of, and the 100 greatest Bruce Springsteen songs.

Nothing sends readers running like a big bad book, but these 25 monster-sized novels are totally worth your time, promise. – [Flavorwire]


Happy 40th birthday, Kate Moss! Let’s celebrate with these 16 mesmerizing GIFs of Kate Moss excellence. – [The Cut]


Born to RANK! Check out the 100 greatest Bruce Springsteen songs of all time. – [Rolling Stone]


That was way harsh, Twitter! Read the 15 funniest tweets from the @modernclueless account. – [Crushable]


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